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Is cannabis REALLY killing you?

By Sharonya Kundu

Cannabis, the drug of popular culture has been known to be harmful since quite a long time but not many know about its actual healing properties. References to cannabis, and its medical purposes, date back in history, where it was used as a medicine to bring balance to the body, and also as an anaesthetic.

According to studies, Cannabis or Marijuana when spiked with chemicals like Vaseline, small amounts of balm, vegetable oil (harsh on the throat) as well as a variety of downright blasphemous cheap and harmful substances (stems/seeds). Whereas, Cannabis when used in its purest form that is Cannabis Sativa, has resulted in multiple health benefits in the pharmaceutical industries and has been termed as Medical Marijuana in medical science. While bursting the myths about Marijuana, here are a few points which show how Cannabis consumption through micro dosage has been proved to be beneficial for health.

Unlike smoking cigarettes, Cannabis does not harm one's lungs! We all know how harmful Tobacco is and what it does to one's health but, when it comes to smoking Cannabis, research shows that it does not affect our lungs. It helps to increase a person's lung capacity rather than causing any kind of harm to it. Second, and one of the major benefits when it comes to Cannabis is that it reduces the effect of Period cramps in women while menstruating without disrupting the cycle.

Hemp roll-on balms which contain Cannabidiol (CBD), an active substance of the hemp plant is sold in most drug stores/pharmacies and is widely available to be bought which proves effective in the long run. Lastly, Cannabis works wonders when it comes to treating cancer patients. Research shows that Cannabinoids help fight cancer cells to a major extent. It also helps to relieve the pain during and after Chemotherapy.

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