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Is even the new odd for Mumbai Indians?

By S Sai Jagannath

A strange year, strange incidents. RCB making playoffs even after 4 consecutive losses, CSK not qualifying for playoffs, MI entering finals and almost looking to clinch their 5th title. This year and certainly this edition of IPL is full of surprises and Mumbai looking strong contenders for the trophy makes it even crazy.

MI on Nov 5 beat the inexperienced Delhi Capitals by 57 runs to enter their 6th finals. They have already won 4 titles out of the 5 times they've played and if they win this year their tally will be 5 out of 6. MI have won in the year 2013,2015,2017,2019 all under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma who's considered to be the most successful IPL Captain beside Dhoni. Having won their trophies only in odd years MI has set a trend and have followed it for the past 7 years to win only in odd years.

You'll be surprised to know that the two CLT20 trophies that MI have won have also come in odd years(2011,2013). You cannot call all these 6 trophies as coincidence, there's something special about Mumbai in odd years, they play different and they play fearless and dangerous cricket. But MI entering into the finals in an even year is like once in a decade event! The last time they played a final in an even year was back in 2010.

Beating Delhi with 57 runs was no big surprise for the fans and the viewers. We all knew MI was the stronger team but were unaware of Delhi's abilities until Mumbai dominated Delhi to make their grand entry into the finals on an even year after a decade. With Trent Boult and Jaspreet Bumrah being their frontline bowlers MI have demolished the top orders of every team just like a pack of cards. They have taken 47 wickets in total and are almost unplayable in the first 4 overs.

With such a strong bowling line up and a batting lineup filled with 3 players scoring over 400 runs in a single season is not something to be taken lightly. If the bowlers do their job for the one last time and the batsmen keep clearing the ball out of the park in the final, no one can stop Mumbai from winning their first even title and declare this as the strangest most year only until RCB don't win their maiden title.

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