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Is Trump immune to the “china virus”? Read to know more.

By Anwesha Dash

Trump after recovering from COVID-19 claims that he beat the "horrible china virus" and now is immune to it.

Since the pandemic broke out Donald Trump hasn't let any opportunity go to squander to lay the entire fault at China's door. Even the matters of his incompetence in handling the virus and the deaths have been blamed on the rival nation in some way or other. Hence Trump even after many reprimands and criticism from all around the world has still deemed it necessary to call the virus "china virus". Kung-flu virus is another moniker bestowed on the morbid disease by the world leader, over which he and his allies had a good laugh.

Ironically, Trump contracted the "Kung-flu/china virus" a few days ago. He was being treated at Walter Reed hospital. Trump said on 11th October that he had beaten the "crazy, horrible china virus" and was immune to it. Though he did admit that he wasn't sure for how long his immunity would last, maybe a few days or some years or maybe even for a lifetime. Also in a bid to attack his opponent Joe Biden he said that now the U.S has a president that beat the virus, not a president that is scared and hides. Just a day before his proclamation of being immune Trump's doctor had stated that the president was now no longer at risk of transmitting the virus.

Trump also tweeted the good news of his said immunity against the virus but the tweet was made inaccessible by Twitter itself since it was against the guidelines of the social media forum because according to them it was spreading misleading and harmful information related to the virus. It should also be noted that the U.S as of yet has a total of 7.79 Million cases and 215 thousand deaths.

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