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Is your workout helping you lose weight or is it making you gain more weight? Tap to find out.

By Sharonya Kundu

Exercise plays an important role in helping lose weight. Choosing the right method that helps you meet your goal and sustain it in the long run.

It can happen that you are doing everything right but yet do not see the number on the weighing scale budge. Or even awful, you start feeling heavier than usual. The incorrect exercises, if inappropriate for your needs might just go against your goals and make you vulnerable to putting on more weight. It could also be one of the causes you are not seeing the outcome you assumed. If you are training for a while and not reaching the goal you wanted to be at, here are some of the reasons and signs that your workout may not be the best for weight loss.

One of the reasons can be that you are not active enough throughout the day. Spending an hour doing vigorous exercise or following a strict routine is not sufficient enough calorie burn. If you are wasting most of the hours in a sedentary manner, it goes against the goal of weight loss. The other reason is having more lean muscles. Most exercises help to burn calories and redefine your body. Most people are surprised to grasp that muscle mass is also a sly source of weight gain. Training under a private coach and following a disciplined routine would help fight back this extra gained weight. Another reason could be stress generated on your muscle fibres due to hard exercising, while might lead to micro-tears, trauma, and inflammation. Supplements can make you gain weight. Supplements and post-workout meals are helpful but you might gain some weight after a workout because of the carb content in it. Thus, it is important to pick out the right energy drink, have good pre and post-workout meals which limit the additional carb built in the body.

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