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Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe resignation Approved

By- Bhumika Bansal

PM Shinzo Abe and his officer have resigned in Japan, opening the way for his subsitute to take over after parliamentary confirmation afterwards on Wednesday. Abe is the Japan's longest-serving prime minister, this news declared last month about his stepping down decision due to some health problems.

"I have dedicated my body and soul for the economic recovery and diplomacy to safe Japan's national interest everyday since we got our power in return," Abe inform reporters about the prime minister's office before entering into his final Cabinet meeting.

He said his health is improving and thanked all the people who supported him, and asked them to support in a same way to his successor.

Yoshihide Suga Chief Cabinet Secretary, a long seen personality with Abe's right-hand, was chosen on Monday to be the new head of the governing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), virtually guaranteeing his election as PM in a parliamentary vote on Wednesday because of the party's majority.

Suga, an Independent politician who is the son of a strawberry producer in the northern province of Akita, has stressed his background in promising to obey the interests for ordinary people and rural communities.

As he said, he will pursue Abe's incomplete policies, and his top priority is to deal with corona virus and turning around an economy striked by the pandemic. He gained support of party hefty and their followers were present early in the campaign on expectations that he would continue with Abe's line.

Japans Friendly PM Shinzo Abe arrives at his office in Tokyo on September 16, 2020. Suga has always performed as a loyal supporter for Abe since his first stint as the prime minister from 2006 to 2007. His tenure ended abruptly because of his illness, and Suga helped him to come back as the prime minister in 2012.

Suga has appreciated Abe's diplomacy and economic policies when asked, about his accomplishment as prime minister.

Suga, who is not a member of any wing within the party and opposes disscent, says that he is a reformer who will break down lay interests and rules that hamper the reforms. He said to set a new structure for government agency to speed up Japan's fall back with digital transformation.

Suga will appoint "reform-minded, hard-working people" as the new Cabinet member, to be launched on Wednesday. Media reports note key ministers, as well as Finance Minister Taro Aso, Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi and Olympic Minister Seiko Hashimoto, will be connected.

Differentiate in his political skill at home, Suga has rarely travelled overseas and his diplomatic skills are undisclosed, though it is largely expected to pursue Abe's priorities.

New PM will assume a span of challenges, as well as Relations with China, which continues its confidence actions in the oppose East China Sea, and Tokyo Olympics, which was delayed till next summer due to corona virus. He will also build a good relationship with whosoever wins the U.S. presidential competition.

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