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Javed Akhtar appreciates Kangana Ranaut on her anti-nepotism drive

In a recent interview with India Today, Indian writer Javed Akhtar was seen coming forward and supporting Kangana on her anti-nepotism drive. Keep reading to find out what he has to say on this topic.

Nepotism is the talk of today’s B-Town and all the credit for trending this topic goes to Indian actress Kangana Ranaut who is often seen talking about how nepotism is over-shadowing the real talent of Bollywood. Many people came forward to express their views on this topic and Javed Akhtar was one of them. He appreciated Kangana and said that she is a talented actress. She is successful even after being an outsider. She is a perfect example that talent never goes to waste.

Javed also talked a lot about how being an outsider or insider does not matter as long as you are talented. He further talked about nepotism and said that helping your family is not wrong. If this is the ideology then all the industrialists should be labeled as nepotists

Zoya Akhtar slams Kangana Ranaut

In a recent interview with India Today, Zoya Akhtar - daughter of Javed Akhtar - was seen attacking Kangana by commenting on her notion to boycott the award shows. Zoya exclaims that on one hand Kangana wants everyone to boycott the award shows and on the other hand she was seen saying everywhere that Gully Boy did not deserve any awards. Kangana is yet to respond to Zoya’s comment.

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