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Kangana Ranaut speaks up on Twitter

By Ritika Ray

Kangana Ranaut has always been a bold actress and when someone insults her, she makes sure to give them a powerful comeback. Recently, she hit the headlines for her controversial tweet. Her tweets against Mumbai Police have caused quite a controversy already.

In a very recent interview, Sanjay Raut, a politician called Kangana ‘haramkhor ladki’ for her tweets. She reacted to this statement, by posting on Instagram how people are calling her names year after year. She stated in her post, that in 2008, a movie mafia declared her ‘psycho’, then in 2016 she was called a ‘witch’ and a ‘stalker’, and now the Maharashtra Ministry has given her the title of ‘haramkhor ladki’ because of her opinion regarding the murder and hence, she feels unsafe in Mumbai.

She again tweeted another post where she mentioned getting threat calls for not returning to Mumbai. So now she has decided to go to Mumbai on 9th September and she will also post the landing time at the airport so that no one dares to stop her.

Bollywood actress, Dia Mirza, also supports Kangana Ranaut. She says that Sanjay Raut should apologize to Kangana for using such foul language in public. Dia Mirza also tweeted to express her feelings in reacting to the interview Kangana was called ‘Haramkhor Ladki’.

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