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Kins envenomed and bodies burnt by family members for surprising reasons. Read more to know!

By Neha Mallick

Family members of a 21-year-old man and his kin sister envenomed them and scorched their bodies over suspicion of them having an affair, in Durg District of Chhattisgarh. Both the deceased people's families were implicated in the offence and hence have been arrested.

The man, Srihari (aged 21) and the woman, Aishwarya (aged 20) were supposedly having a relationship. In a suspected case of honour killing, in which the victims are punished by getting killed by members of their own family in return of shaming their dignity, two members of their families allegedly killed them. They belonged from Krishna Nagar in the Durg district of Chhattisgarh. The couple was poisoned by their family members to death. Later, their bodies were set to fire on Saturday. The two indicted people were the deceased victims’ uncle, Ramu and the woman's brother, Charan. They have been arrested for the criminal offence that they have committed. The City Superintendent of Police of Bhilai Nagar, Ajit Yadav claimed that the previous month, the couple had run away from their houses which were next to each other in Krishna Nagar. After which, the families even filed a complaint of missing for them.

Later, the location of the couple was tracked down by the Durg Police and a force was sent to them. The two of them were made to return to their respective houses on 7th of October. Legal formalities were completed after they were returned to their families. This Saturday night, while the police patrolling was ongoing, the constables noticed sceptical activities in their residences. They went inside for investigation and questioned the family members during which the two indicted men acknowledged that they did poison the couple to death. On further interrogation, they even disclosed that they charbroiled their corpses near Jevra Sirsa village, on the bank of Shivnath river, distanced from about 10 kilometres from Supela. As known from their statements, the culprits said that the kin-duo of Srihari and Aishwarya were in a relationship and they wished to be married to each other but their entire household denied it. The City Superintendent of Police reported that the burnt bodies of the deceased couple have been recouped. Further inquiry is ongoing and the case has been filed against the two accused family members responsible for the murder.

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