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Know about the hyperphysical metal asteroid which values way beyond the Earth's economy!

By Priti Kumari

Unlike, the other asteroids which are made up of ice, rocks, and most metals, the giant metallic asteroid '16 Psyche', is entirely made from iron, nickel and other rare materials like gold, platinum, cobalt, iridium and rhenium which worth $10,000 quadrillion (1quadrillion=1,000trillion), says NASA.

The recent study of NASA is entirely based on the images captured from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, asserts 16 Psyche's surface which is made from iron and nickel is akin to the Earth's core. According to the source privy to the matter," We've seen meteorites that are mostly metal, but Psyche could be unique in that it might be an asteroid that is totally made of iron and nickel". Citing the same basis, scientists call 16 Psyche, "a failed planet". The aforementioned study claims, 16 Psyche reflects sunlight in a similar way in which iron reflects sunlight. Decoding the sunlight reflected by the asteroid, scientists opine the presence of iron oxide ultraviolet absorption bands which is an indication that oxidation is occurring on the asteroid, that could be a repercussion of the solar wind hitting the surface.

The prodigious asteroid 16 Psyche which is said to orbit in the Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, is not a new discovery. On March 17, 1853, an Italian astronomer namely Annibale de Gasparis unveiled the giant asteroid & entitled it as 'Psyche' after the Greek mythological goddess of the soul and the prefix '16' manifests its rank in order of discovery of minor planets. It weighs almost 1% of the total mass of the asteroid belt, and approximately 140miles in diameter.

SpaceX will launch NASA's mission to 16 Psyche from Florida's Kennedy Space Center atop which is a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket to unveil the mystery of the asteroid, in 2022. The spacecraft will arrive at 16 Psyche in January 2026 and will orbit the same for 21 months and study the asteroid.

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