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Know how COVID-19 Community Transmission may affect you

The Coronavirus cases in India are increasing day by day at a very high rate, and in such time when the pandemic is approaching the maximum public, specialists believe that the Coronavirus' Community Transmission has started in India.

A Doctor from a reputed hospital known as Sir Ganga Ram Hospital located at New Delhi, gave a statement where he claims that the community spread of the virus has initiated in India. Soon after this, the people who encountered the news are diverged into two groups where some are taking it in a serious way, on the different side, other are asking for proofs of the Community Spread.

The Community Spread is basically a state where the virus' transmission is done in a collective way, in this it is very hard to identify who is infected and where has he got the infection from.

The claim was made by the Chest Specialist Dr. Arvind Kumar of Sir Gangaram Hospital.

If the claim proves to be true in the coming days, it shall accelerate the chances of an individual being infected a couple of times.

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