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Know more about Amir Khan's daughter's confession about her mental health!

By Swetaleena Mishra

The one who never shielded away from talking about mental health on social media, Amir Khan's daughter Ira Khan herself is in the clutch of Depression since the last four years.

Ira Khan recently spoke about her mental health in her latest Instagram entry. She wrote her heart out about the factors that would have possibly contributed to her depression. She posted a video where she confessed that she was sexually abused at the age of 14. She said it was a slightly odd situation because she didn't know whether those people knew what they were doing but she knew them although it didn't happen on a regular basis. She talked with her parents Amir Khan and Reena Dutta regarding the issue and it helped her to get out of this terrible situation that she was swamped in.

This 23-year-old further added that it took her a year to be sure about what was happening was not accidental but was purposely done to her. After comprehending this she wrote an email to her parents and got herself out of this terrific situation. She even confided that her past experiences never scarred her for life and it wasn't something that would make her feel bad as she felt when she was 18-20 years old. She moved on.

She even revealed the divorce of her parents Amir Khan and Reena Dutta never really traumatised her, they are still friends and perfect parents to her and her brother Junaid. Her family is not broken but still friends. According to her, The divorce of the two never affected her much or scared her much because her parents were still affectionate to them as before even after their divorce. She took it as a privilege which she didn't realise. She never considered divorce to be a bad thing. She confessed that the divorce of her parents never bothered her and can't be a reason for her to be so sad.

(Source: Instagram)

She even added that if she feels something is not right or nice to her then why should she explain it to herself, it's better to get up and fix it up than explaining it to herself. And if she can't do that herself then why shouldn't she ask for help. Talking about Ira's work-life, she made her directorial debut with the theatrical adaptation of Euripides 'Medea' which starred Hazel Keech in the titular role.

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