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Know the depth of devotion of two brothers

For the ultimate ceremony of Bhoomi Pujan of Ram Mandir, Ayodhya, a pair of two brothers have collected the holy water from 151 rivers from all around the country and from 3 oceans too. These water collections are being collected and brought to the city of Ayodhya for the Pujan.

Both the brothers age around 70s and belong to the Jaunpur area of Uttar Pradesh. Since the year of 1968 Radheshyam Pandey and Pandit Triphala are doing this work of collecting holy waters and soil. Throughout this journey of collection, they have collected the waters from Indian rivers and tributaries and have also collected soil collections from 16 holy sites of Sri Lanka.

Radheshyam Pandey also quoted that their dream of presenting the holy waters and soil collections whenever the Ram Mandir is made is going to complete soon.

They dreamt of gifting the collections brought from different sites of India and Sri Lanka.

The pair of Brothers have invested their hard work, dedication, devotion and faith in making the collections.

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