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Know what is Sheeba Chaddha's comment on the women characters of Mirzapur 2?

By Swetaleena Mishra

The women playing the character of mother of Guddu Pandit in the very famous Mirzapur series, Sheeba Chaddha says that women are the dominating and powerful players in the sequel of Mirzapur.

Holding all the excitement of fans and cast, Mirzapur is finally out on the OTT platform Amazon Prime. In a recent interview, Chaddha shared that this season of Mirzapur will be quite exciting as promised and will bring some enthusiasm in everyone's clocked in life. "I hope we don't disappoint," she added.

She said that the anticipation among fans also made the whole excited and not revealing much about the storyline she said the cornerstone of the story will be catastrophic losses of the Pandit family. Vasudha, the mother of Guddu, Bablu and Dimpy, undergoes emotional turmoil after losing her son Guddu, daughter in law Sweety and unborn grandchild.

The 48-year old actor Rajesh Tailang unveils that the happenings of the first season of Mirzapur will have its effects in its sequel. Starting from dealing with the tragic deaths in the family to a huge transition in Vasudha's character. According to him, the audience will savour all the dramas packed in this season.

The series of Mirzapur revolves around the crime and disobedience of law in the northern part of the country where men are in the saddle. The most amazing part for the viewers is the dominance of the women. Sheeba says women have completely stood out in the story may it be, harshness, emotions or internal violence, there is no point she can point out on that. Their presence in the story helped to expand the universe in a better and more powerful way.

The series stood out of the actor's expectations because they knew a bad director would ruin it completely. The actors enjoyed the script and we're surprised to see people oscillating with the show up to this level. The way the actors complement each other makes it a perfect synergy and because of the multiple projects they hold, job experience and their comfort level they brought the story up to this success at ease says Chaddha.

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