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Know what PM Modi says to Phase-1 voters!

By Kunika Chaudhary

PM Modi addressed the citizens of Bihar who are going to vote today,(28 October 2020) via Twitter and advised them to take proper precautions.

Bihar election 2020 is turning out to be one of the most controversial elections till yet. From splitting of the alliance to the introduction of a new party. This election is getting more and more interesting. Bihar election is going to happen in three phases 28 October,3 November, and 7 November where the counting will be happening on 10 November. Today is the voting for phase -1. The destiny of 1,066 candidates is in hands of the citizens of Bihar. People of 71 seats will decide their representatives for the coming term by their vote today. As it is the first-ever election that is happening under the global pandemic. several guidelines were issued by the election commission.

Equipment like Electronic Voting Machines has been sanitized. Thermal scanners, soap, hand sanitizer, and water have been made available for the voters. People are also taking this seriously and are following the measures On this day PM Modi tweeted that he requests the voters to take all required precautions against COVID and follow social distancing along with wearing the mask. Meanwhile, the voting percentage till 11 AM has turned out to be 18.31% with the highest 26.28% at the lakhisarai constituency. This election can impact a lot on future elections. We will get to know about the results of 10 November 2020 and people will get their chosen representative for the following term.

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