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Know why Trump's Twitter account is temporarily closed

The micro blogging site Twitter has imposed a temporary ban on Donald Trump's campaign account due to the reason that false news was posted from the same.

Earlier, into the same context Facebook had also removed a video from Trump's account which was channelizing false facts.

The video claimed that the children are almost immune to COVID-19 which was said to be false. The spokesman of twitter said that the video is fake and this is also the violation of the guidelines of the social media platform.

He added that before making an further tweet, the account holder shall delete this content immediately from the account

The video's link is tweeted by the president trump.

Twitter has not yet taken any action against this case and people are talking about the same with different opinions on the social media platforms.

People are seeing it a very irresponsible behavior of Trump as his tweet reaches a big number of people around the world and in such scenario one shouldn't channelize false and fake facts' news.

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