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Korea again lands in trouble

South Korea had earlier been in tension due to Coronavirus effects and cases.

But now nature seems to be hard on the koreans as the country of South Korea is experiencing continuous rains since August 1 st . The rains hardly stop for an hour and again start to happen.

Rains are creating a lot of trouble for the citizens as the sewers are overflowing and lot of people have been identified as missing in the rains.

According to a Newspaper Agency, due to the heavy rainfall 11 people have gone missing and 7 people have got severely injured.

The missing people are being searched but the rain water is creating a lot of hampering for the agencies to conduct the essential and life saving services.

Since Friday, Rains are continuous and southern part of the country including the capital Seoul and nearby areas are heavily affected.

Government has said to help out the the seven cities and districts as soon as possible.

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