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KXIP masters in the art of losing despite their win!

By S Sai Jagannath

KXIP have been undoubtedly one of the most entertaining teams to play in this season. It feels like KXIP have played close matches more than any other team has played in any season. The thrill, the joy, the anticipation they've put us through cannot be contained but can only be seen growing more and more through every passing match. The thrill that KXIP matches gives us is more than any Bollywood or Hollywood movie can ever deliver.

With a win against MI, KXIP has jumped 2spots to put themselves at no.6. After winning the first-ever double super over thriller in IPL KXIP now have 6 points and are in a tie with CSK, RR and SRH. But lately, it feels like KXIP have been mastering the art of losing easy matches at first. KXIP against MI was reasonably in a strong position to win the match quite easily. They needed 4runs in 4balls until they decided for the fifth time to take the match deep and long. It initially came down to 2 runs in one ball where Jordan ran like he never knew what it is like to run in a straight line which eventually cost him 2inches short of the line resulting in a runout. Thereafter continuing a two super over drama.

KXIP have mastered to lose easy matches which are putting immense pressure on their team establishing a low confidence level in the camp and accommodating a grip of advantage to other teams. This creates the pain of losing among the teammates and eventually narrowing down to single performances. Losing can often build up character but to lose again and again in close margins does not prove the point whatsoever. KXIP have survived for yet another day but it won't be long until they lose one more close match destroying their team spirit and leaving only particular performances as highlights for this year. KXIP should learn how to take situations and finish them as soon as possible rather than losing them or taking them as deep as double super over.

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