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Maha SHRC sends show-cause notice to Cooper Hospital in the Sushant Singh Rajput case

By Anwesha Padhi

Actor Sushant Sing Rajput’s death continues to return forthwith shocking revelations every other day. The State Human Rights Commission of Maharashtra has issued a show-cause notice to Mumbai-based Cooper Hospital over alleged access given to actress Rhea Chakraborty to the morgue at the time when the late actor’s post-mortem was being conducted.

A prime suspect within the newly uncovered possibility of murder, Ms. Chakraborty was seen getting inside the hospital in several photographs with three people. She reportedly remained within the hospital for 45 minutes.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s family lawyer has questioned the grounds on which the actress was allowed to enter the mortuary, a right exclusive to the immediate family of the deceased, as she had “no relationship with the actor” on the day of his death. The SHRC is investigating the matter and a legal hearing of an equivalent is to be conducted on August 31.

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