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Man held captive for associating with a communication hoax. Know why!

By Neha Mallick

An Indian man, of age around 22-years-old, has been held captive in Canada for his suspected association in the cross-border communication hoax, where he was enrolled by distant fraudsters to filter and saturate finances that were locally received.

The man goes by the name Naman Grover and he has been accused of the corruption of almost 5,000 dollars, that we're the remains of the money that was illegally obtained. Based on a report, he has been imprisoned in Canada for his suspected association in the cross border hoax communication in which he was hired by distant fraudsters. The man, Naman Grover is an inhabitant of Mississauga, Ontario. A case of scam has been filed against him for the hoax of 5,000 dollars that has been obtained from his possession which he gained from the bowdlerizing of money.

The Royal Mounted Police of Canada filed a communal arrest subpoena against Naman after which he was indicted. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said in a statement that the fraudsters mostly originated from India and Pakistan. They used investigators in Canada to filter and bowdlerize wealth. With the help of these investigators, the fraudsters could also alienate themselves from the stolen wealth until it has been ablutions.

The RCMP Inspector Jim Ogden said in his report that the money smugglers were a critical element of this web hoax as they promoted the flow of indicted person’s budgets to partners of these illegal organisations. And hence, charges and imprisonment had been made clear as of whoever would dare to smuggle the money any further or perform any fraud move, would be immediately held captive and serious actions would be taken against them. The police also confirmed that many of the regional money smugglers were enrolled from their home nations and we're transferred to Canada on account of student visas.

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