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Man survives hit and run accident, saved by Police

By Neha Mallick

In August, a 32-year-old man was critically injured after a hit and run accident in the city of Bengaluru. The man was a guest worker. Turns out, the Traffic Police did more than their responsibilities and provided the man with proper medical attention until he finally got up from his coma and was ready to be discharged from the hospital.

After the accident took place, the man was lying aloof on the road, unconscious and was still provided with no attention or even a helping hand from the people crossing by. And hence, the traffic police had to come forward and extricate him. The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited traffic Inspector Chennesh stated that the man was injured and he used to work at the same construction site. The man injured, had no ID card on him while he met with an accident so the Police could not know any details about him for 15 days while he was unconscious. Later, after he gained his consciousness, he gave clear details about his identity and the happenings of the incident to the Police.

On the 16th of August, at around noon, a speeding two-wheeler vehicle struck the man while he was on road on the Marathahalli Bridge, Bengaluru. Panicking, the biker left behind his two-wheeler and ran off. The HAL traffic police dashed to the site of the accident and found the man lying there, deprived of his senses. With help, he was moved to the nearest hospital found to be provided first-aid, where the Doctors asked them to shift him to Nimhans for he had endured a head injury. Cops Chiranjeevi, Kashappa and Srikanth took the initiative to take him to the suggested hospital, Nimhans where they were told by the doctors that the man had to undergo surgery. After the completion of the surgical incision, the man went into a coma for the next 15 days straight. The constables would often go and visit him whilst he was in the hospital to make sure he was recovering. The man-made a full recuperation and was discharged, and currently is in his hometown in Buldhana, Maharashtra. The Inspector reported that “He was admitted for a month in Nimhans and made a full recovery. We spoke to him and gave him some money for bus fare to return to his hometown.”

The Police stated how grateful the man was for their help and how he expressed his gratitude and well wishes to them before he left for his hometown. Also, the cops made sure that he safely got in his bus and reached his village.

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