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Modi directs officials to prepare for vaccine delivery, know the details here!

By Kunika Chaudhary

According to a statement, PM Modi has told the official to look after the vaccine delivery arrangements, so that vaccines can be easily accessible.

Coronavirus Pandemic had brought a great difference in the society, income lifestyle, and had affected the people in many different forms. On Saturday, PM held a meeting with the officials.Dr. Harshvardhan (union minister of health), PM's Principal secretary PK Mishra, Dr.VK Paul (a member of Niti Ayog), and many more officials were present at the meeting which was chaired by PM Modi. Meeting has covered various topics like coming election preparation, Pm also focused on taking precautions during the festive season. The topic which gained most of the attention was 'Vaccine delivery'.According to a statement, he told the officials to ensure a poll like a vaccine delivery system. India is a diverse and large country with a heavy population so it could be difficult for the remote areas to access the vaccine easily.

He has also focused on the role of the IT department in the whole delivery arrangement. The National Expert Group on Administration of Vaccine of COVID-19 has already presented a detailed blueprint of vaccine storage, distribution process, and administration. This whole process is going to happen at different levels and will need cooperation from all levels. Currently, 7.4 million cases are present in the nation where 6.6 million has been recovered and 1,14,000 deaths have been recorded. The recovery rate is 88.03 as per the health ministry. Everyone is hoping for vaccines to come soon and become accessible.

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