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Mukesh Khanna gets backlash for his comments on MeeToo!

By Swetaleena Mishra

The small screen television actor, popularly known for Shaktiman, Mukesh Khanna has now become a reason for criticism because of her comments regarding the MeeToo Movement.

Actor Mukesh Khanna in a recent viral clip heard giving comments regarding MeeToo. According to him, women should take care of the house. MeeToo started just because women started going out for work. When women started walking shoulder to shoulder with men, and people started talking about their liberation, there all the problems started.

(Source: Twitter)

His comment followed a series of reactions evoked by the fans for him on the Tweeter.

(Source: Twitter)

In explanation to this, he said that a statement made by him has been blown out of proportion. He respects women a lot and therefore he went against the title 'Laxmi Bomb'. He even gave further explanations in a series of tweets.

Tv actress Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya took this to her Twitter handle to express her disagreement for the statement of Mukesh Khanna.

(Source: Twitter)

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