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Mumbai Police summoned singer ‘Badshah'

Rapper and Singer Badshah who is mostly known for his hits such as ‘DJ wale Babu' and ‘Genda Phool' has now landed in controversies and raised the eye-brows of the Indian audience.

While investigating the matter of fake followers and views that were bought in exchange of money, Mumbai Police summoned the singer. He was alleged to have spent on buying fake views on his video song. The police interrogated him on August 6th and 7th consecutively. One of the interrogation was 10 hours long. After the report that came out which stated that the singer has accepted the fact that he had indulged in the activity of buying fake views on the song.

This invited a lot of remarks from people all around the country, among which the most common was that the guilty singer did this so as to approach and show his power of popularity and drag more and more people into his following. Though method of bringing in the fake followers is accepted as totally unethical and shady way of increasing popularity and is illegal.

As per reports, Badshah had spent more than 7 million rupees (72 lakh rupees) to bring views on his one of the video song namely ‘Paagal Hai'. This payment was done to a company to process the same. Badshah also claimed that his song has hit 75 million views in 24 hours which was denied by Alphabet company (parent company of Google and Youtube).

The singer wanted to make a World Record with views on the video song.

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