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Muslim nations urge citizens to boycott products from this European country!

By Anwesha Dash

Muslim countries call on for boycott of French products amid rising hostility in France towards Muslims and Macron's controversial remarks on Islam.

After a school teacher named Samuel Patty was cruelly murdered by his 18 years old student for displaying Prophet Mohammed's cartoons in class, protests and demonstrations have been going on for the victim and the need for freedom of speech and expression. Hostility and friction towards the Muslim minority have been on the rise too. Amid those tensions, France's President Emmanuel Macron has given out some controversial statements on Islam as well as condoned displaying caricatures of the Prophet which is considered blasphemous in the religion.

Following these actions of the French leader several middle eastern countries and other Islamic countries have started the boycott French products movement the Turkish President and self-appointed Messiah of the modern Muslim world, Tayyip Erdogan, being in the fore-front.

Giving light to the souring relations between France and Turkey, Erdogan has retaliated to Macron's statements with some of his vicious remarks. He said that the French leader needed a mental check-up for supporting the caricatures of the Prophet. Again on Sunday, the Muslim leader said that Macron has "lost his way".

Turkey being an emerging power in the Muslim world several Islamic countries hailed Erdogan's remarks and have hopped on the boycotting French products bandwagon. France's foreign ministry confirmed that they have called on these nations and asked to look into this hateful campaign and asked for assurance the French immigrants will be safe. The ministry also condemned Erdogan's remarks and said that it was a ploy to disparage France and part of propaganda.

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