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Netflix opens up free access across the globe

By Anwesha Padhi

With the tide turning around in favour of OTT platforms in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the leading streaming service providers, Netflix, has decided to now provide free access to specific content to potential users. This means that any person without a Netflix subscription would be able to view films and the first episode of a show’s first season. The service will be global in its coverage. Anyone can access the selected shows and films on Android phones, Windows and Mac browsers.

What comes forth as a sequel to Netflix’s previously attempted free access strategy in India and parts of Latin America last year, it is believed to be a marketing scheme that would give the audience a glimpse of the platform's dynamic content and persuade users to subscribe for regular, paid service. Earlier this year, the platform even offered a month's subscription to its new users at a price as low as ₹5. The promotional plan was first brought to the public eye by OnlyTech.

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