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New heights of brutality in Pakistan, kitten gang-raped by teenage boys for a week

In Lahore, Pakistan a new heinous case of animal cruelty came forward where a kitten was gang-raped by a group of teenage boys for many days, after which the kitten died of multiple organ failure. This news shocked the world to the core and proved that humans are vicious animals.

The news of such morally questionable animal cruelty spread when PETA JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter shared this news on their Facebook handle and made people aware of the brutality of these young boys of Pakistan. According to the organization, that kitten was bought by the family of the juvenile boy after which he and his friends gang-raped the kitten for a whole week.

The kitten was in terrible pain and was bleeding from its wounds. It was unable to walk, sit, or sleep due to the unbearable pain. It suffered multiple organ failure and died soon. When the kitten was taken to the vet, its internal organs were oozing blood and semen. It was in a horrible state and excruciating pain. Now, the kitten is buried and hopefully in a better place.

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