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New ‘Prime Minister' of North Korea

As per a North Korean News Agency, the dictator of North Korea Kim Jong Un has handed over the designation of the new premier of North Korea to Kim Tok Un.

Kim Tok Hun has been newly appointed as the new premier of the cabinet of North Korea. However, Kim Jae Ryong was earlier thought to be on this post instead. He has been relieved from his post. This appointment is done by North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un.

The news was channelized by the state-run and controlled news agency KCNA.

A news agency told, Kim Took Hun, aged 59, has the experience of serving head of the budget committee of parliament.

The official announcement was released on August 13th.

The appointment of a new ‘PM’ shall definitely bring a lot of certain changes in the diplomatic relations of North Korea with other nations. The news has transmitted like fire around the powerful nations as North Korea usually stays in the headlines with the aspects of extreme national policies and harsh political relations with different countries.

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