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New twist in Sushant’s case: Rhea’s call details exposed, had been talking to Bandra D.C.P Abhishek

After Rhea’s call details were exposed, it was found that she had been talking to the D.C.P of Bandra after the death of Sushant. She called D.C.P multiple times.

Every day a new twist comes to light in the Sushant’s case. This time Rhea’s call details show that she had been in contact with the D.C.P of Bandra after the death of Sushant. This fact raises many questions for Rhea and for Mumbai police as well. Rhea and the D.C.P had talked in a call a total of four times and they had been messaging each other frequently.

According to the reports, Rhea called D.C.P on 21 June 2020 and their call lasted for 28 seconds. The next day, D.C.P left a message for Rhea. Later, he called her on the same day and their conversation lasted for 29 seconds. 8 days later, he called Rhea again and this time the conversation was of 66 seconds. The last call was made by Rhea to him on 18 July 2020.

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