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Nicolas Cage to star in executive produce Highfire for Amazon

By Smriti Tripathi

Nicolas Cage will lend his voice to the titular character, a vodka-drinking, ‘Flashdance’ loving dragon who lives an isolated existence within the bayous of Louisiana. Davey Holmes is adapting the novel and can executive produce alongside Cage.

Actor Nicolas Cage is going to be voicing the lead character in Amazon’s upcoming series Highfire. The show is based on Artemis Fowl author Eoin Colfer’s novel of an equivalent name, consistent with The Hollywood Reporter.

Colfer’s novel, which was published in January, is about during a world where dragons once ruled the world, and Lord Highfire ruled the dragons. Now, although, one and all Highfire rules is his shack in Honey Island Swamp. He now goes by Vern and spends his days hiding out in the company of alligators while watching cable TV and drinking obscene amounts of vodka. Vern is prepared to do whatever it takes, albeit meaning violence, to guard his hide.

Vern’s world soon collides with the rebellion of Squib, an adolescent involved in running booze for the local mob, and their mutual struggle for survival becomes entangled during a very unlikely friendship. Highfire is going to be produced by MGM/UA Television.

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