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No permission to the foreign students to enter USA

The USA does not permit international students to enter the nation for a period.

The USA on Friday stated that the students from foreign who have their classes running online will no further be allowed to enter the country. The statement came in after the authorities advised the institutions to run the classes of students online due to the Pandemic of COVID-19. The statement was issued by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department of the States. President Trump has already canceled the pending visas of all the students.

The decisions were probably made due to drastically increasing cases of COVID-19 in the country.

But, Trump also has been often seen making disputable comments for students and thus a large number of students have been found criticizing him on one or the other statements.

A while ago the ICE department had also released a harsh regulation for the foreign students stating the students attending online classes may leave the nation, on which a lot of controversies were made by students on social media.

After looking up to the reactions, the regulation was later on changed.

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