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Now, Know where your online bought product is made!

Consumer Protection Rules 2020 for E-commerce sites.

E-Commerce websites are now the very first priority of today's generation to buy products. From clothes to makeup products, and from Kitchen essentials to groceries everything is available a click away with E-commerce websites.

According to reports, the Government has now made it mandatory for the E-commerce sites to mention that where the product they are marketing is made. This will be mandatory for every website to follow in order to acknowledge the customer regarding the country/place their product is manufactured.

If the compliance of the same is not done E-Commerce websites may land into trouble and possibly may encounter strict actions.

Talking a little deep, the e-companies are also directed to provide descriptive information of all the prices accommodated in the manufacture of the product along with the correct Expiry date of the product. The highlight of these rules is mainly centered around telling the customers regarding the nation the product is made in so that the public can make subtle decisions.

Following the norms, the companies need to mention each aspect of the general concerns like Return, Refund, Warranty, Guarantee, etc.

The sellers who regulate their businesses on the e-commerce giants will be directed to provide each specific detail to the platform regarding the products they sell so that the websites could state them for the customers. The discrimination, sorting of buyers and self-willingly changing of the price by websites shall not be tolerated by the government.

The companies will also need to look into every complaint deeply, for each compliant a specific number will be allotted so that the buyer can check their compliant status.

All the websites will be obligated to follow the above-mentioned rules, otherwise, they may get into legal trouble as per The Consumer Protection Act, 2019

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