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Now you can play GTA IV on your Smartphone! Get insight here.

By Subhransu Sekhar Sahoo

According to a recent rumour and leak, it is almost confirmed that GTA IV, one of the popular games by Rockstar Games is going to launch in 2021 for smartphone users.

It is also speculated that GTA IV may be slightly compressed and the graphics may be reduced to enable it to play on a smartphone device. GTA IV for PC and other playable consoles such as PS3 and Xbox 360 was released in April 2008. Even though the game seems old, the craze for this game is still among the current generation as it is an open-world game which means, even after a player completes all the missions assigned, he or she will be able to play further after completing the games. Ultimately, such games become unlimited to play. Rockstar Games also allows the users to add and make some kind of modification into the game so that the craze for such games never ends.

GTA IV has been in rumours in the last few years of launching in smartphones. After waiting for several years, users speculated that it is almost impossible to play GTA IV in smartphones. But recently, due to the launching of powerful gaming smartphones by different companies, it looks possible for the Rockstar Developers to optimize GTA IV for smartphones. We have good examples of gaming smartphones with a very powerful processor like the ROG Series by ASUS, the iPhone series, Nubia’s gaming smartphones, as well as the LEGION Series by Lenovo and many more. Earlier, due to the absence of such powerful processors, it was turning very difficult for Rockstar Games to optimize the game for the users to play in their handy smartphones.

Finally, 2021 looks like the year when GTA IV might get officially launched for smartphones. Previously GTA III was the last game that was launched by the Rockstar Games for smartphones. The speculations for the launching of GTA IV for smartphones started in the year 2017. Rockstar Games focused on their games made for PC and Gaming Consoles, but looking at the power devices that are being launched now, they are now also looking forward to coming with their Android or iOS games.

GTA V game is the successor of the GTA IV game, and currently, GTA V is holding some world-records that seem almost impossible for other games to break. Similarly, GTA V is rumoured to be launched for smartphones around the year 2023, if GTA IV gets successfully launched in the year 2021.

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