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One guy who completely changed the tournament. Know who?

By S Sai Jagannath

We often know that a single run, single boundary and even the slightest of a mistake on the field can change the match and tournament completely. We all knew how one no-ball cost RCB it's playoff spot last year but didn't make a big difference in the tournament. But what happened this year has completely changed the course of the tournament just because of a small and silly mistake that we hardly care about.

KXIP vs DC (1st encounter) where KXIP were chasing a total of 158 runs. In the 19th over when Mayank Agarwal and Chris Jordan were batting Mayank squeezed Rabada's yorker to long on for two runs. The running between the wickets was quite brilliant and was praised by the commentators until square leg umpire only signalled a single run indicating that Jordan fell short of the crease during the second run. The replay was quite clear as Jordan made it to the crease what Nitin Menon thought otherwise. This single run cost in a tie and later a super over the loss and those two points for KXIP fell short during qualification for playoffs. We can write them down quite easily of how they've lost close matches but we cannot ignore that they did no wrong whatsoever in that match.

Umpiring has been shabby and has deteriorated over the years which has impacted and questioned the merit of on-field umpires. With so much technology involved in the game, the on-field umpires have a very small part on the field although difficult but that's why they've been chosen. If KXIP would have won that match with a decent net run rate they would've been in top four and KKRs campaign would've ended as DC have had a high net run rate even after losing that match. With a very close net run rate RCB would've been in 4th position and still wouldn't have qualified. It could've all gone down to the last match where if SRH beats MI they qualify with 2nd spot and if they Lose RCB qualifies.

The tournament could've become much more close but a single mistake ended Punjab's campaign and changed the whole course of the competition. Punjab didn't play the best cricket but this was something they didn't deserve but I guess it's fair like that, RCB didn't qualify last year but they've qualified now and next year again something like this can happen and KXIP would qualify in place of some other team and it will be fair. So I think it's okay, isn't it?

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