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One killed and Two men Injured by their Neighbours for Shocking Reasons!

By Neha Mallick

According to sources, the Delhi Police attained a filed call considering a conflict near Jhuggi Sarai Pipal Thala’s Adarsh Nagar Metro station, Gate no, 4. The incident took place on the 27th of October, Tuesday at about 3:15 pm.

About four men were held captivated by the police for allegedly murdering a man and severely hurting two of his brothers after a conflict took place between the two individual neighbouring households for the reason of playing boisterous music.

After the Police received the call, they rushed to reach the spot and found that a conflict occurred between the two neighbouring households just for the sake of blaring music being played. The Police reported a person named Sushil (aged 29 years) was found dead and his two injured brothers were taken for curation to BJRM hospital.

The police have stated the three victims were admitted at the BJRM Hospital where one person was extinct and his two injured brothers were taken under the process of treatment. One of the victims namely Anil gave an affidavit to the Police. They were later moved to Safdarjung hospital for additional curation.

The four people responsible for these actions have been held captive. The Police reports that further inquiry regarding the case is ongoing.

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