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Parallel development of Hindi and other Indian languages: Amit Shah on Hindi divas

By Ankita Mohanty

Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday sermonised about the role of Hindi in uniting the whole nation and talked about the new education policy in improving its state, in a series of tweets addressed on ‘Hindi divas’.

In a recent tweet, the 55-year-old BJP leader said that the new education policy provides parallel development of Hindi and other Indian languages while highlighting Hindi’s role in uniting the nation. The Home Minister said that a country’s biggest identity is its language, not its border and geography. “The various languages and dialects of India are its strength as well as a symbol of its unity. In India, which is full of cultural and linguistic diversity, Hindi has been working to unite the whole nation in centuries” he said.

He mentioned that Hindi is an unbreakable part of Indian culture. “The greatest strength of Hindi is its scientificness, originality and simplicity”, he has proclaimed. He promised that the new education policy proposed by the Modi government would aim towards “parallel development of Hindi along with other Indian languages” making Hindi more accessible and wide-spoken.

Shah appealed to the masses, especially the government employees to use Hindi as much as possible along with their local language to preserve its sanctity. “Today, on the occasion of Hindi Day, I salute all the dignitaries who have contributed to its empowerment and also call upon the countrymen to contribute more to the protection and promotion of their mother tongue”, he said.

Last year, his speech on the Hindi language sparked many controversies for allegedly putting forward the concept of “One nation, One language”. He received backlash from the opposition, some of them going as far as calling it “an attack on core principles of India’s diversity”. This year, Shah has been demure and made no claims as such.

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