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Patients and healthcare workers performed "Garba" at Mumbai Covid Center!

By Sharonya Kundu

The Maharashtra government last month nudged people to celebrate the Navratri and forthcoming Dussehra festival in an unobtrusive way due to the Covid-19. Mumbai is one of the thrash affected city in the country which has nearly 2.43 lakh cases of Covid-19 and over 9700 death reports.

Two videos of patients and healthcare workers playing "Garba" at Covis-19 facilities came upon various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In one of the videos, it was seen that a few numbers of coronavirus patients with their marks on were performing Garba along with Doctors and caregivers and they were wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits on. They were dancing to a Bollywood song in a female ward. In the second video, some males were spotted doing the Garba with some healthcare providers who were also in their PPE kits at the Nursing Station 15.

According to some social media posts, the video of the Garba celebration is from the Goregaon-based jumbo Covid-19 facility of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMS). The patients were performing in their respective wards, which the doctors of the facility allowed them to do. They also deserve some happiness. If you take a look at those videos you can clearly see how happy and delighted they were in the facilities while celebrating.

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