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Paytm Mini App Store Launched in India. Know More!

By Subhransu Sekhar Sahoo

Paytm has now launched its new Paytm Mini App Store which is integrated inside its own official app. Through this, users will be able to use their favourite applications without installing them.

Paytm being India’s one of the most popular banking apps has now come with a new update for its users. By this all-new update Paytm provides its users able to use their favourite popular application without installing the same. It will be a very much handy feature for the people who use budget smartphones and are unable to download every application that they want to use. By doing so, it slows down their smartphone. Paytm has named it as Paytm Mini App Store which is integrated inside the Paytm mobile application itself.

Currently, only some limited popular applications are available inside the Paytm Mini App Store and soon more applications will be added to the store. According to tech-experts, it’s a brilliant idea to save space and data for the users as they are not downloading every application individually. These applications are nothing more than a customized website that gives the user a feeling of a mobile application. Now, Paytm is acting as a Vocal for the Local as they are now registering Indian Start-up Companies with their applications for free without any sort of charges, that is a great initiative. Through this app, a person willing to purchase something can directly pay through UPI, Paytm, Debit Card as well as Credit Cards. But a person who is going to pay through Credit Card will be charged 2% as a fee. Many companies are already available in the Paytm Mini App Store for different categories including food and taxing booking.

Paytm Mini App Store is currently at its beta stage and is constantly improving and growing. This may have few bugs and glitches which is common for any Beta stage. According to a recent survey, a total of twelve million people accessed this Paytm Mini App Store last month, that is September 2020. Taking up all the trust of the users, Paytm has launched this feature in their application. We can never forget how Paytm has helped the users in India during the post Demonetization days. It will be interesting to see how often people start using this feature in the application itself.

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