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Petrol Prices take a shocking Hike

In the International Market of crude oil, the prices of Petrol have taken an acceleration. The crude oil and Petroleum dealers have increased the price of petrol.

The prices have however dropped earlier in the lockdown.

In the last 2 days, the price has increased to 30 paise per litre in the Delhi region. However, no hike in the price of Diesel is seen.

The specialists of Trade and Market believe that this hike is due to the plan of China of buying crude oil from America which has led to the exceeding in price.

The fluctuations in the International market have made it hectic for population living on marginalized section in developing countries to sustain their livelihood.

Price chart in Metropolitan Cities

City                      Petrol(in Rs.)                Diesel (in Rs.)
New Delhi                     80.73                            73.56                    
Kolkata                       82.30                            77.06
Mumbai                        87.45                            80.11
Chennai                       83.87                            78.86

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