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Plasma therapy should not be removed from the COVID-19 treatment protocol: PGI.

By Sharonya Kundu

PGI is of the belief that plasma therapy can still be used for the resolution of COVID-19 signs and should not be removed from the COVID-19 treatment protocol entirely.

Plasma therapy has been acclaimed as a major treatment method for critically ill COVID patients. A study by ICMR has found that the treatment procedure has very less effect on COVID patients in India. They are considering eliminating it from the treatment protocol experts, but they are suggesting that the therapy should not be entirely eliminated from the protocol, as it may still be useful in certain cases of COVID-19. As the world continues to struggle with the global pandemic in the form of COVID-19, the disease originated from the novel coronavirus, researchers, doctors, and medical experts are hardworking to find ways to tackle the dangerous viral disease.

With hundreds of vaccine nominees under progress, researchers are also looking at various treatment methods such as reallocating drugs used for other diseases, plasma therapy, and others, in order to find fruitful ways to cure COVID. The Indian Council for Medical Research, which is the top medical research body in the country, is considering the removal of plasma therapy from the COVID-19 treatment protocol.

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