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PM cares Funds : 50 thousand ventilators bought

To add an aid to the treatment of covid-19 patients in the country, Central government has ordered for 60,000 ventilator beds among which 50,000 beds have been bought through PM CARES fund. The Secretary of Health Ministry, Rajesh Bhushan, said that the fund of 2 thousand crores of rupees has been paid for 50,000 ventilators.

The ventilators which have been bought by the Health Ministry and PM Cares fund have a GPS chip installed.

Among 60,000 of all, 18,000 ventilator beds have been provided to different States and Union Territories.

96% of the total 60,000 ventilators are made under ‘Make in India' campaign. These ventilators are being provided by two of the main units of manufacturing enterprises.

Significantly, PM CARES fund is one of the largest contributed fund in the country in the history of the emergency period ever in India. This shows the reliance and trust of the Indian public on the government and PM Modi.

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