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PM Modi addresses Farm Billa rivals, know the details here!

By Kunika Chaudhary

Farm bills have been a topic of discussion for a long time now. According to the PM, the farmers will not support the people who are opposing this Historic reform in the policy.

Prime Minister Modi was launching a property card distribution under the 'Swamitva' program. He claimed that his government has done more for farmers in the last six years which has not been done in the last 6 decades. Everyone was expecting a reaction from the prime minister over Farm bills as opposition along with a large number of farmers were against the idea of reform. Even Rahul Gandhi had organized a 'Kheti Bachao Andolan.' As expected Pm did address the citizens and said that farmers will not support those who are against this historic reform. He addressed the citizens and said that many people don't wish villagers and farmers to be self-dependent (Atmanirbhar) and middlemen are trying to spread lies.

He added that the government is taking steps to empower the farmers. The prime minister talked about several projects, like the opening of bank accounts, the building of houses and toilets, cooking gas schemes (Ujjwala yojana), and electrification was also highlighted by the PM. He also said that the ones who ruled the country earlier, left India to fend itself. He further added that people have started recognizing the ones who looted this country earlier and said they are only bothered by good work. They want to leave the village's problem I bothered so that they can fulfil their purpose. He assured people that his government is taking steps toward development with full transparency and no discrimination.

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