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PM Modi's 4 lakhs Smartphone warriors, read the details here!

By Kunika Chaudhary

Bihar elections are not so far now. It is the time when Prime minister Modi will start holding rallies for the promotion of their policies and work done in the last few years.

The Bihar election of 2020 is having many controversies. From being held in pandemic to the unsaid problem in a coalition government. As the election dates are coming closer BJP thought that this could be a perfect time to give the command of rallies to PM Modi. These rallies can be held after 15 October 2020. If we see his previous rallies regarding Bihar he has appreciated the state a lot and also considered Bihar as the talent hub of the nation. He also inaugurated some projects for the state. As usual, the Prime Minister is using the virtual platform for addressing the citizens. Bjp has already planted a strategy regarding the reach of the rally. 4 lakhs Bjpians with smartphones will join the rally and a specific cell of 10,000 people has been made which will take care of the reach.

These 'smartphone warriors' will be in charge of Modi's speech which will. Be held in different corners of the state. On the other hand, the' special media commander ' cell will monitor and manage smartphone warriors. Bihar elections are around the corner as they are beginning from 28 October 2020. Being held in the pandemic election commission had already announced the norms and regarding the voting process. This year this election is very important because India is facing many emerging issues during this coronavirus phase and Bihar has gone through a flood that destroyed a lot during this global pandemic. It will be interesting to see how many opportunities and projects will the Prime minister provide to the youth and citizens of Bihar.

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