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Police against the Army in Pakistan! Read to know the reason.

By Anwesha Dash

After the alleged forced kidnapping of the police chief by the military in Sindh tension escalates between the police and the army.

Military aided kidnappings are not unheard of in Pakistan, especially in the province of Sindh. With a puppet government having its strings being pulled by the army, these "sudden disappearances" of certain people to maintain fear and discipline are quite common in the nation. Therefore again in such events police chief of Sindh has been allegedly kidnapped by army troops. Reportedly the military deemed this action necessary to force the police to arrest the son-in-law of an infamous and wanted former prime-minister Nawaz Sharif.

These turn of events have enraged the already upset police and the public of Sindh. Videos have surfaced on the internet of skirmishes between police and the army. Qamar Javed Bajwa, the army chief of Pakistan and the known puppeteer of the government has ordered an inquiry into the matter and has promised, "immediate action" regarding the kidnapping.

In the fight that ensued between both, the institutions 10 police officers have died according to certain sources. And a "civil war” like circumstances has broken out in Karachi. Reportedly, in retaliation to the humiliation, all ranks of the Sindh government had decided to submit for leave, but because of public interest, IG Sindh asked everyone to put off the subject of leave for ten days and wait for justice.

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