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Pop-up on your computer screen alerting about technical issues could be a harmful trap!

By Tanisha Jindal

Considering the complaint from Microsoft India, the Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) has busted a racket, booking six private firms that allegedly sent pop-up messages on personal computers of users, giving bogus warnings about security issues and the presence of malware in the Microsoft Windows System. Afterwards, they used to extort money from them instead of fixing the issue.

The agency also carried out searches at the premises of the companies at 10 locations in Jaipur, Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, and Mainpuri. The accused companies on which the central agency conducted searches at the premises are New Delhi-based Softwill Infotech Private Limited and Saburi TLC Worldwide Services Private Limited, Jaipur-based Innovana Thinklabs Limited and Systweak Software Private Limited, Noida-based Benovellient Technologies Private Limited, and Noida and Gurugram-based Saburi Global Services Private Limited.

According to the officials, the pop-ups carried the phone number of a call centre, where the employees of the companies supervised the victims to install certain anti- or anti-virus, which are essentially PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

CBI Spokesperson RK Gaur said that the option given to activate the PUPs was by paying a fee online or by calling a support number advertised in the interface of the programme. The victims were deceptively influenced in this manner and fell in their trap with the motive to maintain their systems suitably.

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