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Popular streaming media indicted over controversial film!

By Anwesha Dash

Netflix, the most popular streaming media, has been indicted by a Texas jury over the controversial French film “Cuties” for obscene and lewd content.

A French movie called “Mignonnes” (English: Cuties) was the talk of the town when its trailer was first released. The debut film of Maïmouna Doucouré as a director is a coming-of-age drama. The movie was subjected to contention because according to netizens, the movie sexualized 11 years old girls and promoted vulgarity. Following this controversy, there was a lot of protest from around the world mainly from the Muslim nations since the minor main lead is depicted as a subdued Sianglese immigrant Muslim girl from a conservative background that later rebels against her family and join a group of girls her age for risqué exotic dancing.

The movie faced a lot of backlash for making minors wear very “suggestive” clothing and making them do risqué dancing with “inappropriate” moves. Even a petition was started against this movie which now stands at nearly 400,000 signatures. This also gave way to the #CancelNetflix campaign. Consequently, a grand jury in Texas has charged Netflix and has asked to investigate the movie for child pornography and the exploitation of minors.

But contrary to the backlash the movie received some of the critics have put the onus of defaming the movie on Netflix. They have claimed that the film shows and celebrates womanhood, perseverance, and solidarity but Netflix has twisted the poster and trailer of the movie to intentionally sexualize the minors. It should also be noted that prior to Netflix streaming the film with the title “Cuties” the film was positively received in the Sundance film festival.