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Pore Over: Hurun India Rich List 2020

By Priti Kumari

The Hurun India List records the richest individual in India with a wealth of INR 1,000 crore, with an agenda of promoting entrepreneurship.

For the 9th sequent year, Reliance Industries' (RIL) chairman Mukesh Ambani topped the IIFL Wealth Hurun India Rich List 2020 with a record surge in wealth by INR 2,77,700 crore to INR 6,58,400 crore. As per the report divulged on September, 29 Ambani's wealth docket received a boost of INR 90 crore within an hour, since the March lockdown. This is the denouement of Ambani's decision to make RIL "debt-free". It's worth noting that Ambani led telecom venture Jio platforms had managed to raise INR 1,15,693 crore through global investments.

Furthermore, the list mentions -Hinduja Brothers (Net Worth: INR 1,43,700 Crore), Shiv Nadar &Family (Net Worth: INR 1,41,700 Crore), Gautam Adani &Family (Net Worth: INR 1,40,200 Crore), Wipro chairperson Azim Premji (Net Worth: INR 1,14,400 Crore), Cyrus Poonawala (Net Worth: INR 94,300 Crore), Radhakishan Damani &Family debuts in the top 10 with 56% surge in wealth (Net Worth: INR 87,200 crore), CII chairman Uday Kotak (Net Worth: INR 87,000 crore ), Dilip Shangvi (Net Worth: INR 84,000 crore), and Shapoor Pallonji Mistry sharing 10th position with Cyprus Pallonji Mistry with their net worth of INR 76,000 crore, respectively. The 26-year-old Ritesh Agarwal of Oyo Rooms with an income of INR 4,500 crore holds the position of India's youngest billionaire. The iconic 96-year-old Dharm Pal Gulati of MDH still managed to maintain his strong grip on the title of the oldest billionaire.

Penetrating the gender gap, 40 women jumped in the list, out of which 10 are 'self - made'.Smita V Crishna of Godrej topped amongst women. She has been followed by Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Of Bitcoin with a wealth of INR 32,400 crore & INR 31,600 crore, respectively. Witnessing India's Richie Rich, Hurun India Rich List also provides the city names with maxima of billionaires. According to the same, Mumbai holds 1st position with 217 rich listers followed by New Delhi and Bengaluru. With 128 and 67 billionaires at 2nd and 3rd position.

The Hurun India Rich List records the richest individual in India with a wealth of INR 1,000 crore, with an agenda of promoting entrepreneurship. According to the report, by 31st August 2020, India will embrace 828 billionaires with an appendage of 162 new faces.

According to Anan Rahman Junaid, MD & chief Researcher, Hurun India "for every one Hurun rich list we have found, we probably missed 2, it is likely that India today has 3,000 individuals with INR 1,000 crore. Doubtlessly, within 2-3 decades India will soon surpass the USA and Greater China to become the world's largest home for billionaires. Despite the relentless surge in COVID cases leading to economic headwind, how they managed to keep up their surplus at such heights, is beyond imagination for common people.

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