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Portugal star and football legend tests positive for Coronavirus!

By S Sai Jagannath

Cristiano Ronaldo stands among one of the best players to have ever played football. His game has attracted millions of viewers across the world and his stats speak for itself.

Just a few days ago Legendary Portugal forward was tested positive for Coronavirus as announced by the Portuguese football federation on Tuesday. Ronaldo looks asymptomatic and will fail to play against Sweden in the UEFA Nations League. Recently the five-time Ballon d'Or winner played against France in a goalless match on Sunday.

According to the federation, the rest of Portugal's squad was tested negative on Tuesday morning and so was France squad. Ronaldo missing the Sweden game will be a huge drawback for the team not only because of how great a player he is but also considering how often he scores in National matches. Furthermore, Ronaldo would've been a major asset in aiming to hold the top spot in their group.

Ronaldo being prone to the disease has raised many questions on his upcoming matches with Juventus. As per the protocols of Serie A, Ronaldo has to self isolate himself for a minimum of 10days further playing any more matches. This results in Ronaldo missing some quite big and important matches which include a match in Crotone and the champion's league opening game at Dynamo Kiev. But the biggest question that lies in front of everyone is that "will Ronaldo be able to play against Barcelona on 28th?" Fans never want to miss any chance of watching Ronaldo vs Messi. But with Ronaldo being tested positive it looks a bit difficult for the legendary rivalry to take place.

Despite being tested positive Ronaldo and other Juve players have joined their respective national teams who are being kept in self-isolation after two staff members tested positive for corona. Nonetheless, we hope Ronaldo recovers soon and doesn't miss out on any matches especially against Messi.

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