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Precised Current update report of Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is worsening day by day. The cases aren't stopping and the medical facilities are running out.

Each day is coming with a big heavy number of covid-19 positives and is increasing tensions of all the nations and international councils. More than 1.87 crores of lives have become infected by corona and more than 7 lakh people have died.

The United States of America is topping this list, Brazil is standing second followed by India on the third platform.

If we talk about the death ratios, America is still here on the very first position followed by Brazil on 2nd , Mexico 3rd , Britain on 4th and 5th position is of India.

A report by Johns Hopkins University of America states that there are 18,738,350 people have been infected by the deadly virus, and in numbers 706,342 people have died.

The university also generalized that America has the history of 4,821,296 people being infected and 158,170 have died so far. The state of India :

India had a record of 19,23,837 people of being infected and 40,699 patients have lost their lives.

There are 59,5501 active cases of coronavirus in India. 13,28,336 people have recovered from the infection.

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