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Pregnancy during COVID 19: Women could experience symptoms for months, a new study says!

By Sharonya Kundu

There is no concrete evidence that states that pregnant women are more likely in danger than others.

This pandemic has caused ubiquitous terror within the world and pregnant women are not any exception. The most foremost common early symptoms for pregnant women were cough, pharyngitis, body aches, and fever. Most of the patients still had symptoms three weeks after their diagnosis and 25% had symptoms after eight weeks. The researchers found several familiar indications of coronavirus, but the indications were complicated by superimposed symptoms of normal pregnancy, including nausea, fatigue, and congestion.

As a pregnant woman, it's better to require these precautions for the security of the baby. It is important to right away consult your nearest gynaecologist. Doctors can give precise advice on managing your pregnancy in these tough times and may suggest the simple course of treatment only if you are tested positive or otherwise for patients who are undergoing IVF treatment, most hospitals can arrange for a teleconsultation or have a specialist examine reception.

The most important thing is to not get stressed, especially during the initial weeks. To relax their mind they can read books, take long showers, and medication is a must. Consider booking virtual prenatal consultations rather than in-person visits to your gynaecologist. Only visit the hospital for compulsory purposes and procedures like ultrasound, blood tests, and fetal testing.

Be extra cautious by not stepping out of the house unless necessary. Avoid crowded places. Eat healthy food like vegetables, fruits, and nuts to strengthen the system. Hands should always be clean and should use certified hand wash and sanitizers.

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