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PUBG Mobile Returning to India Soon. Know how you can play!

By Subhransu Sekhar Sahoo

According to some recent leaks of the report, Bharti Airtel is in talks with PUBG Corporation about distributorship. If they complete the deal, then it is almost confirmed that PUBG Mobile is going to make a comeback.

PUBG Corporation, a Korean based Gaming company faced several deterioration and losses after India banned their mobile game PUBG Mobile, due to its partnership with Tencent, a Chinese company. Although PUBG PC is a Korean company’s game, yet PUBG Mobile is considered as a Chinese game for the presence of Tencent. Since then PUBG Corporation has been looking for alternatives to make a comeback in India. Earlier, they were in talks with Jio, a telecom company for collaboration, yet they were not able to complete their deal. Recently, as the new update came that PUBG is in talks with Airtel, new hopes have emerged of the comeback of PUBG Mobile in India. There are also speculations that PUBG Mobile has already started hiring people from India to give a fresh start. They also have the challenge to convince the Indian Government that how different they are now from how they were when they got banned in India.

PUBG Mobile is a game that changed the gaming culture in India. Being a multiplayer game with features like voice chat, the game brought a revolution in India which attracted all groups of ages either a teenager or a man in his 40s. Some played it with a competitive mindset while some played it for fun and as a stress buster with friends.

Recently due to the dispute at the border between India and China, the Indian Government decided to ban Chinese applications to give a severe loss to the Chinese Government in terms of profitability that they earned through the Indian audience while the Indian audience used their applications. Then, the Indian Government also found privacy issues with those Chinese applications, where the user’s data were compromised and sent to the Chinese government. In this techy world, the privacy of data recorded is one of the most important priorities, which was missing in this case. The Chinese applications were banned in 2 phases, where it was banned in the second phase. June 29 was the first date when the Chinese applications were banned which included a big application from China Tik Tok. Then later on 2nd September, other major applications from China were banned where PUBG Mobile was included.

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